Tuesday 30 June 2009

Website chat applications

At the moment we're looking at ways of engaging our site visitors and offering easier ways to contact us. One of these is the use of IM embedded within the website to allow for our site visitors to have a quick chat with a member of staff or an academic.

There are plenty of offerings for IM software out there and we're currently reviewing which one is right for us as we'll need to offer multiple clients across our whole network... trickier than we first thought!

However, if you are after a free, easy to embed version of IM i've come across an application called Hab.la, it looks quick to embed and ties in with IM software you're already using. As a free service it may be worth a look, check it out here http://www.hab.la

Tuesday 23 June 2009

Digital Britain Report 2009

The Digital Britain Report was released on June 16 2009 as part of the Governments review of the importance of understanding, appreciating and planning for the Digital World and the future of Digital in the UK. This could have implications on the accessibility level people have to online resources and the advancement of delivering high quality video and Flash content without the concerns of connection speed.

Have a look and download the Digital Britain Report from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport website.

It's not a bird, it's not a plane, it's a flogo...

Could this be the beginning of a new trend towards foam based marketing ideas? Possibly not... but the idea of using a red tinted flogo at the University does offer up some interesting possibilities! Mainly used in the US at the moment it might be worth keeping an eye on the future of flogos in the UK, check out the website here: