Thursday 3 September 2009

The joys of Google Analytics... the frustrations of reality!

Well, we are well and truly into the Clearing campaign and things are looking rather rosy... for our website traffic anyway! The initial report for August puts our overall site traffic up 31.2% on last year and the Clearing specific traffic is up an impressive 51.4% in total.

This may be down to a small, more targeted marketing campaign this year or it could be due to the increased number of Universities that potential students are looking to apply to. Unfortunately though, a large part of the increase is probably down to the media frenzy that has surrounded Clearing this year. Stories such as 'Student place scramble continues' on the BBC and 'Mad scramble for limited university places after record A-level year' on the Times Online have helped to increase a sense of panic with A-Level students.

Yes, the media have taken the opportunity to build up the story to a maddening level, it is silly season after all, but the sad reality is that available places have been capped this year and that means that some people will miss out on a place at University. I
f the Government want a population of well educated and skilled individuals they need to ensure that those students who have the relevant qualifications and the interest to go to University are able to secure a place!

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