Monday 22 March 2010

The future of 360 is here! If you can afford it...

So, we have a number of 360 panoramic images on our website which I originally took with 12 static images stitched together in Apple's Quicktime VR (!). At the time these were great but generally meant that you could only have minimal people in the images and you needed to freeze frame everyone so they didn't blur between photos.

So, I then decided to purchase a 360 lens and asked the team to start updating the photos with people in them! Revolutionary stuff!

But now we're looking at 360 video and the ability to manually pan the video view to look around the person filming. This really could be a viable alternative to static images for things such as open day events, lectures, graduations, etc!

The hardware doesn't come cheap and there's still some issues with if a plugin is needed for certain functionality but this could be a very nice addition to any site.

Sony have recently released their 360 lens attachment for their Bloggie camera, it's very entry level but might provide a few ideas on how to use the footage! I've embedded a professional level video below, let's see who gets prompted for a plugin download!

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