Tuesday 22 June 2010

bitly.pro here we come...

I finally received an email from bitly.pro (beta) this morning about our account being created, all very exciting stuff!

So, all social media links can now be shortened to uob.im, for example a link to our facebook page can be:


Genius stuff, nicely on brand but not too heavy handed and means we can get some feedback on link traffic from a central account. I just need to nominate a member of the team to handle the short url requests!

Ideally we would like an in-house URL shortening service but due to the timeframe for this to be implemented we have looked at an external alternative for the time being. We can always move over to the in-house option once it's up and running with an alternative domain name and then phase out the uob.im links. A bit of a pain but at least we can use the services now!

Yet another external product to enhance our offerings in Marketing, anyone else have 'timeframe' issues with development work?

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