Monday 20 December 2010

Snow, snow everywhere!

Crikey it's chilly outside! As we're all freezing in the winter weather I thought i'd do a very quick posting on how brilliant social networks are during extreme times! I've been amazed at how well some things work when you're mobile and how integrated they have become to my life. I have a variety of social tools at my finger tips from my mobile phone, Foursquare, Latitude, Facebook, Sat Nav, Weather reports! So, a typical journey into work today:

• Check the weather report before heading out, it's not looking too bad.

• Dig the car out, take a photo of the dash saying it's -11.5 outside and post it to Facebook.

• Manage to get to the petrol station to fill up in case the journey home takes 4 hours like last year! Check in via Foursquare, i'm only 1 day away from being Mayor apparently... the same as yesterday!

• Start up Google Navigation (Beta!) and check out the traffic reports for the journey to work, it's as bad as expected!

• Finally get in and not have to worry about telling anyone as they're all following me on Latitude!

The wonders of modern technology!

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