Thursday 15 September 2011

We're live and our heads are spinning!

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It's been almost exactly a month since we launched the new website and I am finally at a point where I can add a new blog post about it... that shows how manic it's been over the last 4 weeks!

So, the good things:
  • We're live and the site looks lovely!
  • The performance is great
  • The feedback about the design has been positive
  • We're only using a fraction of the CMS capability so lots to roll out shortly!
  • Squiz Analytics is going to be rolled out tomorrow
  • We're pulling dynamic course content
  • We're pulling dynamic contact details
and the bad things:
  • We have a lot of work to do on course content and making it findable
  • We have a lot of work to do on improving our contact details
Pulling in external data and putting it into an easily viewable site structure has meant that errors are easily picked up on so we're busily correcting our data sources so bear with us!

However, the general feedback has been that the Easy Edit Suite for editors is a million times easier to use than the previous system. Which is good but does mean that we are now approving a huge number of changes through our new workflow system!

What we're all looking forward to now is the next few months of picking the site to pieces and looking at how to roll out new functionality and as we have Funnelback in the mix as well we'll be able to pull in some more external data!

More updates to follow and I won't leave it so long next time! ;)

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