Wednesday 15 February 2012

Change is as good as a holiday!

You may have noticed that the blog has a new design applied to it... well, I am moving on from the University of Bedfordshire in a couple of weeks time and heading over to a Web Project Management role at the University of Hertfordshire!

I'm taking the blog with me of course and it will still be based around all things digital, i'll just be posting from a different office. Exciting times ahead!

PS Totally random image of an ashtray at Reading Uni I took during IWMW 2011... very cybermanish!


  1. Do Blogger allow you to change URL? Time to move to your own domain maybe?

  2. You can update the URL but it doesn't redirect so you could end up with someone else claiming your old address! Looks like a custom URL is the way to go, this would then allow for my current address to act as a redirect...

  3. Well that was easy Mike, subdomain created, DNS record changed so now can be used as my blog address... i was expecting that to be harder to do!