Monday 31 January 2011

Week one is over with!

So, the first workshop session has taken place with Squiz and we have covered a lot of ground already. These early sessions are to help us look at how we are set-up at the moment and what potential issues we may have with migration of content to the new CMS.

A lot of thinking!

We have a very good website structure in place and this should work to our advantage, the issues start to arise when we look at the content within the site and the reasons things are there! This move looks like the perfect opportunity to have a deep clean of website content and project sites. With around 7,500 pages to migrate we should easily be able to remove 5% of those.

The next session is scheduled in for Friday and we're looking to cover Content Migration, LDAP, Single Sign On and the User Journey. Time to roll our sleeves up and get down to some technical discussions!

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