Monday 14 February 2011

Workshop, workshop, workshop...

It's been a manic few weeks with a huge number of Analysis workshops both with Squiz and Internally but we're making some really interesting conclusions around the user journey within our site and also the availability of content for visitors. We've had workshops to cover LDAP, content migration, design, user journeys, wireframes and taxonomies!

The conclusion is that we're looking at rolling out a shiny new website with some very clever functionality that reflects the needs of our audience providing them with everything they could need to find a course and make an application. Hopefully we'll be able to pleasantly surprise a few of our key stakeholders whilst we're at it as well!

So, we have another three weeks of analysis workshops and then we'll be looking at starting the build. The migration stages are going to be interesting with a variety of different systems all required to pull various pieces of data. Our saving grace at the moment is the inclusion of Funnelback within our planning, this could be the answer to at least a couple of our issues!

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