Tuesday 7 September 2010

Clearing, Spotify and sponsored tweets

So, we are just coming out of the Clearing period at the University and it's time to start looking back at how everything went, what went well and what didn't! So, two new lines of advertising that we have been trialling this year are Spotify advertising and Sponsored Tweets.

Spotify was a last minute booking for the University and has performed extremely well. You can run a very targeted campaign with us focusing on Herts, Beds and Bucks listeners aged between 18 and 24. Due to the way Spotify works you can buy 'listens' on a CPM basis and at a very competitive rate as well, this can also include banner advertising to run alongside the advert. We recorded a 30 second advert in-house and booked in for a week. The response has been great, we had hundreds of click throughs on the banner advert and a handful of mentions on Twitter from people who had heard it. A success all round and we now have anither advert running for our Part Time campaign!

The other new line of advertising was Sponsored Tweets. Again, a great success with hundreds of click throughs on the link we provided to them and with a number of re-tweets as well. These start from $0.20 US per posting all the way up to thousands of dollars for a single tweet from the likes of Kim Kardashian! I purchased 50 tweets for the Clearing campaign and an additional 20 for the Part Time campaign and the whole lot came in for under $100 US. Very cost effective and good for raising Buzz about campaigns.

So, two new avenues for advertising campaigns in the future with both of them being very quick to turn around so ideal for late advertising!


  1. Spotify is amazing its simple and it works, the music industry needs this tool! http://bit.ly/cqblv4

  2. Hi Kris, I'm also an Online Marketing Manager (University of Glamorgan), and I've been considering Spotify Ads for a little while, I'd heard some negative buzz about the service but your post has given me a new perspective on it, thanks!

  3. Hi Alex, glad it helped. Really easy to use and get up and running and Pippa at Spotify was really helpful!

  4. Hi Kris,

    Putting together our schedule at the moment for second half of next year - I can find nothing but negative copy on Sponsored Tweeting, how did you find it? Did you bit.ly track it I assume?


  5. Hi Alex,

    I found that it took a little time to select who you offered the postings to but the effort was worth it, we used bit.ly to track the clicks and came back with 475 on a $70 total spend. Very cost effective but certainly more for raising Buzz than enrolling students!